Who are we?

Our Mission

Welcome to Travelestify, where we invite you to “Unleash Your Inner Explorer.” Our mission is to provide unforgettable travel experiences across the enchanting landscapes of Northeast India. From the lush hills of Meghalaya and the serene beauty of Mizoram, to the vibrant cultures of Nagaland and the untouched wilderness of Arunachal Pradesh, we cover some of the most picturesque and raw destinations.


Our offerings include awe-inspiring adventures to Tumjang Peak, wildlife safaris in Kaziranga National Park, treks through the stunning Dzukou Valley, and the spiritual serenity of Tawang. And this is just the beginning – we are continually expanding our list of destinations to bring you even more unique and captivating experiences.


With certified mountaineers in our team, Travelestify is dedicated to making travel accessible and exhilarating. We specialize in affordable trips, customized itineraries, and raw adventures that promise to create lasting memories. With expert travel assistance at every step, we ensure your journey is smooth and enjoyable.


Explore the wonders of Northeast India with Travelestify and unleash your inner explorer today.

The Team Behind Travelestify

Inu Etc Travelestify

Inu Etc

Co-founder, Basic Mountaineering Course Certified Guide, Traveler

Sany Travelestify


Co-founder and Digital Marketing Expert, Traveler

Zhopovito thao Travelestify

Zhopovito Thao

Expert Local Guide,

Travel Manager

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